21 setembro 2008

Little birds learn how to fly or else...

19 setembro 2008

Stupid people in front of me, in a place called Rua das Flores

18 setembro 2008

My blood, the tears of a garden flower in a winter city, in the middle of europe.
No words, no talk, please. Let me just stand here, alone.

15 setembro 2008

Me, i still can smile like a dumb dreamer, even after the pain.

No jokes or any stupid stories about anything. I just smile cause i can. Life is pretty much a blood sucker but i know, not you or any other could destroy my existence. I'm enjoying being here, just for the simple pleasure of being here and being able to mark the difference. You can, if you decide to, be her and being part of my smile. Life's pretty full of surprises, i know, but hey, we still alive.
Every square has is own life, inside.

Não me perguntem o que ando a fazer. Deixem-me simplesmente o fazer.

The one

14 setembro 2008

Just playing around with pictures of friends and vectors

Mister animation director Ricardo Blanco

13 setembro 2008

Being in love with you it´s a pretty stupid thing.

But, hey, i can't stop felling that stupid shit.